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Sunday 1 May 2016

Beyond POV-FS – WTR Mailbag, One Moment in Montreal, & Will Johnson

Faithful readers may have noticed a certain decline in the linking to articles that appeared elsewhere – let alone, original content.

In order to make amends for the first problem – working on the second will be more tricky – every weekend an article linking to all the week's content will be posted.

In that spirit:

Waking the Red – WTR Mailbag

Each week Waking the Red issues a call to its readers for their questions in the hope of sparking some conversation, or pointing out concerns that may have missed the writers' attentions. Topics this week included: looking forward to the match in Portland, assessing Greg Vanney's performance thus far, and Garth Lagerway's decision opting for Seattle instead of Toronto.

Waking the Red – One Moment: Toronto FC @ Montreal Impact

In this new column, which time and circumstance allowing, will be a new regular feature, a single play from the most recent TFC match is analyzed, both for its relevance to the game, as well as what it displays about the current state of the club. In this edition, TFC skillfully manages a potential threatening situation by the use of an enhanced collective defensive ethos.

MLSsoccer.com – Johnson Eagerly Anticipates 'Special' PDX Return

And finally, ahead of his return to face his former club, Will Johnson spoke with the media about the experience of facing his old teammates and revealed a little about the growing relationships with his new ones.

Check them out!

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