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Sunday 12 July 2015

Beyond POV-FS – Know Your Enemy: New York City FC – Meeting the Second & How You Doin'? at Waking the Red

The usual preview materials for Toronto's match away to New York City FC on Sunday went up over at Waking the Red earlier this week.

Know Your Enemy digs into the opponent, catching upon on how they have done since the last encounter and highlighting a few concerns and strategies heading into the game.

In How You Doin'?, WTR exchanges questions with SB Nation sister-site, Hudson River Blue, hitting on some of the issues surrounding both clubs at the moment.

Raf Noboa y Rivera was kind enough to spend some time giving TFC fans some insights into NYC and the minds of their fans – he can be followed on twitter @hudsonriverblue or @noboa.

Waking the Red's responses to HRB's questions can be found here

Should be an interesting match, Frank Lampard is not available, nor is Andrea Pirlo, but given the bad-blood that was sparked in the first meeting, this one should be interesting, setting up a September encounter that will be even more must-see.

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