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Wednesday 15 April 2015

POV-FS Out Loud! The Vocal Minority Podcast - Episode 81 #RedMoustaches

The good folks over at VMP were kind enough to (finally) grant me my season debut on the show – it's award-winning now, if you haven't heard.

As for a brief rundown of the topics, if memory serves we discussed the loss in Chicago, the announcement of the first summer friendly, Duncan and I debated the bending of the space-time continuum, as per a specific refereeing decision in Colorado (not sure if that made it past the editing room floor to be honest), as well as all the usual pageantry of Bitchy Blanks, Would You Rather, and so on.

Plus I got to steal a CAW or two in the process. Random sidenote: CAW also stands for Canadian Auto Workers and I saw one of their economists, the one from the TV, on the subway prior to recording, which I suppose is something.

It's great fun chatting with some friends, so I hope you enjoy.

The episode page can be found here. Or it can be downloaded directly from this link Or there's a thing called Soundcloud which is apparently pretty cool. And of course, if you don't want to have to remember to download every week, iTunes works – and if you're not into that, I'm sure you have some other way of getting that taken care of (do people still use RSS?).

Now to ice that hamstring.

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