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Tuesday 18 November 2014

Beyond POV-FS – TFC Top 30 Countdown: #24 Ashtone Morgan at Waking the Red

A first contribution to the annual end of season countdown of the players who represented Toronto FC this season is up over at Waking the Red, looking over the year that was for one Ashtone Morgan.

A massive endeavour each year, the countdown cycles through the full gambit of the TFC squad, starting with those on the periphery, riding the pine or having just made their way onto the fringes of the first team and continues all the way to the best player on the team – just who will take the number one spot this year?

Check out the post on Morgan, who fell from tenth down to 24th with a severe lack of playing time, and see who else has been discussed at the full countdown. Posts come out daily (or so), so be sure to follow along as the off-season dissection is fully underway.

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