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Friday 9 August 2013

Mail It In Friday Video – North American Soccer Hilarity

    A trio of videos aimed at the soccer fan in North America.

    I’ve been watching Sports Night, the Aaron Sorkin’s Sports Night and their mention of MLS is cringe-worthy – they use the dreaded “the”.

    But thirteen years on, we’ve got some genuine MLS-related entertainment – and a brilliant commercial from NBC in promotion of the upcoming Premier League season.

    Surely, by now most will have seen the MLS All-Stars harkening back to the 1985 Chicago Bears “Superbowl Shuffle” with “We’re Better than the Best” on Funny or Die.

    More recently, Jimmy Fallon razzed several players – including a pair of Canadians:

    And finally, Jason Sudeikis’s portrayal of an American Football coach at Tottenham is brilliant.

    While many will argue that it only regurgitates those long held bias’ against the North American fan who can’t possibly understand the beautiful game, it’s not a stretch to state that there are still, despite the game’s ever-growing stature, bastions of Pointy-ballers who would react thusly.

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