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Tuesday 23 July 2013

POV-FS Out Loud – Talking the State of All Things Toronto FC on NextSportStar.com’s Red Card with Anthony Totera

    Anthony was kind enough to have me on Monday night to discuss the on-goings at TFC, touching on subjects from Ashtone Morgan, Matias Laba, the pitch at BMO Field, the rumoured arrival of Diego Forlan and much more.

    It was a jam-packed show, featuring a trio of players - Eric Avila, Robert Earnshaw, and Dax McCarty – Paul Attfield of The Globe & Mail, and myself, clearly bringing it all together at the end of the show as the key interview.

    Be sure to check it out, follow Anthony and the network, NextSportStar, on twitter, and keep an eye out for the show every weeknight at 7 pm EST.

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