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Friday 24 May 2013

POV-FS Mail It in Friday Video – Herbert Zimmerman & the Miracle of Berne

I’ve been reading up on my German fussball history of late – timely, given this weekend’s big all-German encounter in the UEFA Champions League Final - and so this week’s random video clip is a moment of lore from the Miracle of Berne, Germany’s first World Cup victory back in 1954 against Ferenc Puskas's Mighty Magyars; a goal call to be more precise.

We all love a good announcer; some are definitely better than others.

North American’s can’t get enough of Ray Hudson, those mad – in a good way - Honduran commentators when Jonathan Borstein scored against Costa Rica were a treat, the mother of them all - 1966’s famous “They think it’s all over…” or the excellent, “Your boys took a hell of a beating” from Norway.

But the unexpected – and unGerman – outpouring of joy, when Helmut Rahn scored an 84th minute winner, putting the Germans in front, 3-2, is worth a listen.

Bonus link for those uber-interested, a five-minute clip on the match, in German of course.

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