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Friday 14 December 2012

POV-FS Mail it in Friday Video – Messi’s Eighty-Six & Classic Radio from Africa

    Each Friday POV-FS brings forth a footy-related video from the cacophony that is the internet.

    The intent: to share some small aspect of the week that was.

    So, without further ado…

    Leo Messi’s record-breaking tally of eighty-six goals in a single calendar year all captured in one neat and tidy clip.

    Brace for a lot of chipped finishes.

    Surpassing the little-known forty-year-old record purportedly held by Germany and Bayern Munich’s Gerd Muller (eighty-five in 1972) and now subject to some controversy, as both Zico (eighty-nine in 1979) and Zambian legend Godfrey Chitalu (one-hundred-seven in 1972) are now being put forth as candidates for the title.

Bonus Clip:

    The radio broadcast of a match between Zambia and Uganda in February 1977 featuring the brilliant commentary of Dennis Liwewe and the play of the aforementioned Chitalu.

    Sometimes one can only lament the lost art of classic commentary. The graceful intertwining of passion and storytelling stands well above the modern standard - a perfunctory ninety minute discussion that often revolves around events that has nothing to do with the current action on the pitch.

    Take the time to dig up some clips of Zico and Muller, it will not disappoint.

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