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Thursday 22 November 2012

Beyond POV-FS – Toronto FC Top 31 Countdown: Number 18 - Jeremy Hall at Waking the Red

    My contribution to Waking the Red’s annual countdown of TFC players profiling the season of Jeremy Hall.

    Be sure to have a look and check out the rest of the countdown as assembled by the fine staff at WtR; looking back at the season in such a manner is a laborious, painstaking and often heart-wrenching task.

    Reminding oneself of the failures discarded from memory, assessing whom amongst them is worthy of a return; putting to words the failings of another season.

    On that note, faithful readers may have noticed a distinct lack of activity here at Partially Obstructed View over the past few weeks.

    Another trying season in TFC, combined with THAT Canada flop, left the staff here in need of a mental vacation before retaking the reigns and soldiering on through the mire. 

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