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Wednesday 20 June 2012

Thoughts? - An Interesting Parallel

    News of three Toronto FC players having been arrested following an evening out on the town in Houston has been trickling out all day.

    It appears the trio – Miguel Aceval, Nick Soolsman, and Luis Silva – were sent home, will not be available for Wednesday’s match and that the club is consulting with the league, the player’s union, and the players themselves before choosing a course of action.

    The club is in town in preparation for Wednesday night’s match against the Dynamo.

    In an interesting parallel, an incident in preseason saw Houston backup keeper, Tyler Deric arrested and charged with assaulting a public servant following a confrontation with officers at a bar.

    Teammate, Warren Creavalle was on hand, apparently videotaping the incident that resulted in the use of a Taser and was accused of interfering with public duties.

    One report mentions the possibility of racial overtones having played a role in the altercation.

    In attempting to follow up the results of the case, the charges against Creavalle were dismissed, a civil suit against the team and players was apparently filed, but further updates appear to not be forthcoming.

    It seems a more serious charge than the public intoxication label applied to the Toronto players and there was little to no action taken by either the Dynamo or MLS against the players – in public at least.

    Something to consider before blowing the story into a scandal of biblical proportions; looks bad yes, but termination of contracts is ridiculous.

    Even sending the players home may have been unnecessary, though doubtless it was to get in front of the story and help remove them from the incident.

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