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Thursday 17 November 2011

From a Different Point of View – 3rd Week of November Edition

Some Things You May Have Missed From the Last Week

    End of year award-season continues in MLS, as Sébastien Le Toux nabbed the Fair Play Award, cracking a decent joke with teammate Danny Califf in the process, while Zak Boggs was named Humanitarian of the year. Impressive. Somehow Joao Plata lost out to Sebastián Miranda in the Latino Del Año quarterfinals. The Galaxy grabs two more awards, coach and comeback player of the year, while Seattle also nabs two, goalkeeper and newcomer.

    A touch depressing, but worth looking over, from Eurosport a Euroscout profile of Jonathan de Guzman.

    A hard-working football blogger, Les Rosbifs getting ripped off by big brother who nabbed large chunks of his exclusive Steve McClaren Interview for their own purposes. A discussion of google SEO by 2ndyellow and the ethics of online journalism by Gary Andrews.

    500 Reasons to Love Football, second mention here, absolutely brilliant; may there be 500 more.

    Not a new story, but always interesting to look back at a bit of history, here’s the story of when Idi Amin lured the world’s most famous footballer, Pelé, to Uganda.

    When it comes to history, Canadian soccer history in particular, few address it better than Richard Whittall. With Remembrance Day having recently past, here’s a piece on the First World War and Soccer in Canada, with a little help from Colin Jose.

    Brian Seal’s This Day in Football History is one of my favourite daily bites of soccer digestibles; a literal word-a-day flip-calendar-style font of knowledge, spanning the globe and the history of the great game. Today so happens to mark a special achievement for Canada, some hundred years ago.

    Today also marks the fifth anniversary of the death of the legendary Ferenc Puskás. A pair of stories on the great man; the magical Magyars and his time on Merseyside. Hat-tip to @HungariaFootbal for bringing it to my attention.

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